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Total Solution Of The Main Components Of Granite

- Jun 22, 2017 -

According to the average proportion of different chemical compositions in 2,485 granite parts around the world, the mineral compositions of different varieties of Co 2-0412 nado 3Cofio 2 1Coop 2O5-05 vary from weight to light. There may also be a amphibole. Granite texture hard density, high strength, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, water absorption, the beautiful color can be preserved for more than hundred years, is a good building materials, but it is not heat-resistant. Granite stone According to the color, pattern, luster, structure and material factors, such as different levels. The mineral Bureau of Taiwan's Ministry of Economy divides granite into black, brown, green, gray, white, and crimson, six categories.

Granite is granular crystalline rock, the main constituent ore is alkaline feldspar and quartz. Generally, the feldspar content is more than quartz, and the two groups are formed in the following three categories: (1) The single output of different constituent alkaline feldspar, (2) different alkaline feldspar in the same form as solid melts or two-crystalline cross-linking, (3) and calcium-long gallstone solid melt caused by poly-film Double crystal, but the $number is sodium feldspar. Alkaline feldspar in petrology refers to orthoclase, granite components of micro-plagioclase, sodium feldspar and feldspar, or by the above-mentioned feldspar to synthesize solid melts, the percentage of the feldspar in the feldspar contains not less than 80%. Potassium feldspar (orthoclase or micro-plagioclase), and sodium feldspar molecular formula are respectively expressed as K (Al Si3o8) and Na (Al Si3o8). The molecular formula of calcium feldspar is CaAl2 Si3o8. Calcium feldspar and sodium feldspar composition can be a variety of proportions to form solid melts, that is, mineralogy so-called plagioclase mineral or calcium ~ Sodium feldspar.

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