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Precision Granite Machine Base

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Regardless of the machine, equipment or individual component: Anywhere there’s an adherence to micrometers, you’ll find machine racks and individual components made of natural granite. When the highest level of precision is required, many traditional materials (e.g. steel, cast iron, plastics or lightweight metals) quickly reach their limits.

PLANOLITH manufactures dimensionally accurate bases for measuring and machining equipment as well as customer-specific granite components for the construction of specialized machines: e.g. machine beds and machine bases for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, solar industry, semiconductor industry or for laser machining.

If required, we mill cable ducts, install threaded inserts and mount linear guidance systems. We will even execute complex or large-scale workpieces exactly according to customer specifications. Our specialists are able to assist the customer as early as at the design engineering stage.

All of our products leave the plant with an inspection certificate and a DAkkS certificate on request.

You can find below selected reference products that we have manufactured for our customers according to their specifications.

Are you planning a similar project? Then contact us, we’ll be happy to advise you.

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