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Measuring Instrument for Granite Measuring Instrument

- Dec 16, 2017 -

Measuring Instrument for Granite Measuring Instrument Basic Info

  • Model NO.: EL11

  • Material: Plastic + Steel

  • Range: 0-500data

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Measure Method: Manual

  • Precision Measuring Device: Precision Measuring Device

  • Customized: Customized

  • Resolution(Accuracy): 0.001mm/M

  • Data Transmission: USB

  • Color: Black-Yellow

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Transport Package: Aluminum Box

  • Origin: Qingdao China

  • Type: Dial Indicator

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Measurement Object: Flatness

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Precision: 0.001mm/M

  • Accuracy: 0.001mm

  • Certification: CE

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Measuring Range: 0 ~ 500 (Digits)

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Data Storage: 500

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Specification: CE

  • HS Code: 9031809090

Measuring Instrument for Granite Measuring Instrument Product Description

Wireless Digital Level Meter with BT
EL-11 new level is characterized by high accuracy, strong stability, small volume, easy to carry, and can apply to measure flatness and straightness of all kinds of machine tools and other equipment and guideways. It can measure tiny inclining angle, measure flatness, parallelism of plate and straight ruler, the straightness of the squares. It is widely used in so many fields such as processing measuring tool, mechanical assembly and calibration.
Measuring Instrument for Granite Measuring Instrument Key Features:
1. Compact Structure design, easy to operate, zero setup at any position, adjust accuracy, wide basic 
    selection range.
2. Two data transmission: interface output RS232 and wireless communication (blue tooth or NRF905).
    Wireless communication distance without blocking is more than10 meters.
3. LCD with large backlighting screen, its unique rotating handle, meets users to read in each angle.
4. Valued function of storage, read and delete the measured date, store data up to 500.
5. Provided with function of automatic temperature measuring and automatic supervising electrical source
    and voltage and low power warning function.
6. The unique touch>7. Two optional measuring units: mm/m and angle (second).
8. Strong anti-jamming ability, conserve and recover the factory settings are available.

Measuring Instrument for Granite Measuring Instrument Technical Specification:

ModelResolutionTechnical DataApplication
EL11II=0.001mm/m1. Display range:0-±1999
2. Measuring range:≤±500
3. Error of display:≤±(1+A×2%)
    (A represents the absolute value
    of displayed value of the measured
Suit to measure the flatness and
straightness of grade "00" products.


                     Overall Dimensions
Dimension of the base working face150×47×20(mm)
Overall dimension150×47×170(mm)Net weight1.3 kgs
Packing dimension290×235×105(mm)Gross weight3.0 kgs


Calibration and Package of Digital Level Meter      

Measuring Instrument for Granite Measuring Instrument.jpg 

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