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Introduction To The Natural Aging Of Granite Platform

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Granite platform by long-term natural aging, internal stress completely disappear, material stability, not deformation; Granite platform platform is machine tools, machinery manufacturing, electronic production, such as more than 20 kinds of industries indispensable products. Granite platform platform is also a line, measurement, riveting, tooling process can not be missing the workbench, granite platform platform can also be done mechanical test bench. Granite Platform Platform is the use of natural stone materials made of precision benchmark measuring tools, instrumentation, precision tools, mechanical parts of the test, are the ideal datum.

Granite Platform Platform of natural aging: stone after billions of years of natural aging, the shape is extremely stable, do not worry about the normal temperature difference and deformation. Granite Platform Platform Black luster, structural precision, uniform texture, good stability, strong strength, high hardness, can be under heavy load to maintain high precision, and has no rust, acid and alkali, wear resistance, no magnetization, no variant and so on. Granite platform platform using high-quality natural marble material by mechanical processing, hand-made. Especially for high-precision measurement, because of its unique characteristics, the cast iron plate pales.

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