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Introduction To The Formation Of Granite

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Granite is a volcanic eruption of lava and is subjected to considerable pressure in the molten state to uplift to the crust surface of the tectonic rock. In the formation of the crust surface, the slow movement cools down. One of the igneous rocks is a substance formed by magma or lava cooled solidification crystals containing silicate (Silicate) melts. When molten magma freezes and freezes, the minerals form in igneous rocks, such as olivine, or a stone. The most dense Fe-mg silicate minerals are formed at the highest magma temperature, and the smaller density of mixed granite (Migmatic granite) minerals, such as feldspar and quartz, is formed at the later stages of cooling. Minerals formed in lava can normally grow without restraint and have well-developed crystalline forms.
Because granite hardness is second only to the Diamond column and durable, it is obviously the ideal material to produce wall tiles and floor. Because granite is rarer than pottery or any other man-made material, paving granite floors can greatly increase the value of large houses. Granite varieties rich in color and diverse, can provide customers with a wide range of options. Granite countertops are easy to maintain and have strong anti-pollution ability. Overall, granite floor tile can provide users with an extremely durable and easy to maintain surface. In addition, unlike man-made synthetic materials, natural granite countertops have a unique temperature resistance, so for all types of plate processing preferred.

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