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High Precision Granite Measuring Instruments

- Nov 15, 2017 -

High Precision Granite Measuring Instruments Basic Info

  • Usage: Business

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Brightness: >2500 Lumens

  • Metal Table Size(mm): 408X308

  • Z-Axis Travel(mm): 250

  • X,Y-Axis Accuracy(Um): <3+L/200

  • Net Weight(Kg): 320

  • Video System: High Resolution Color CCD Camera,0.7~4.5 Zoom Lens

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Specification: 930x612x1082mm

  • Type: Desktop Projector

  • Working Principle: CRT

  • X,Y-Axis Travel(mm): 250X150

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Resolution(mm): 0.0005

  • Measuring Software: Quick Measuring

  • Granite Measuring Instruments Power: 180V~260V(AC),50Hz

  • Video: Video Total Magnification:30X~230X(with 2X Additio

  • Transport Package: Wooden Case

High Precision Granite Measuring Instruments Product Description

Horizontal Profile Projector basic properties
Model number: DV-2515
Be Applied to Mechanical, , Electronic, Plastic Fields etc. 
Fashionable Shape With Stable Ark Pillar Granite Design. 
Adjustable 4-division LED Illuminator controled by panel or software
Obviously assistant laser position system
Powerful Measuring Software Quick Measuring Version
Function of Data Processing Displaying, Input, Output, 
With RS-232 Interface

High Precision Granite Measuring Instruments Features

Metal Table Size(mm): 408X308
Glass Table Size(mm): 306X196
X, Y-axis Travel(mm)250X150
Z-axis Travel(mm): 250
Resolution(mm): 0.0005 mm
X, Y-axis Accuracy(um): ≤3+L/200
Measuring Software: Quick Measuring
Net Weight(kg)320
Dimension(mm): 929X612X1082
Video System: High Resolution Color CCD Camera, 0.7~4.5 Zoom Lens, Video Total Magnification: 30X~230X(with 2X Additional lens, to Total Magnification440X), Object View: 7~1.1mm
4-division LED adjustable Illuminator
Power180V~260V(AC), 50HZ

High Precision Granite Measuring Instruments Product advantages
1, it can effectively complement the measurement and observation. 
2, stable performance
3, high precision
4, simple operation
5, easy maintenance
6, Simple structure, strong bearing capacity, the work piece placed open space, handling convenience. 

High Precision Granite Measuring Instruments Product Applications
The perfect vision system for non-contact measurement and further inspection of Stamped and injected parts, Plastic parts, injection moulds, Electronic and other components commonly used in silk screen printing as well as the lead industry among others
Packing, transportation and after sales service,
1, One years warranty for the mother board 2, Life-long maintenance service for the product. 
Packing: Wooden case. Delivery time: 2 working days after receive the payment. 

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