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Granite Vee-Blocks

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: ZY-010

  • Material: Granite

  • Range: 0~300mm

  • Precision: 0.005"

  • Accuracy: A

  • Certification: SGS, ISO

  • Trademark: Zhengyou

  • Origin: Chia

  • Type: Granite Comparator Stand

  • Measurement Object: Flatness

  • Resolution: 0.002mm

  • Measure Method: Automatic

  • Precision Measuring Device: Precision Measuring Device

  • Customized: Customized

  • Transport Package: Wooden Case

  • HS Code: 90172000

Granite Vee-blocks

Applicable to measurment of concentricity,circular degree symmetry and run-out tolerance of rotational parts.
Usually offered in pairs.
The V slot could be 60°,90°and 120°.


Specs (mm)Flatness of workin
g surface(μm)
parallelism between V- slot &
 bottom surface(μm)
parallelism between V- slot &
 two side surfaces(μm)
Symmetry between V-slot & two sides surfaces(μm)Squareness between V- slo
t & end surfaces(μm)
Squareness between side
 surfaces of V-slot & bottom surfaces(μm)
Height difference of eac
h pair V-blocks(μm)
Precision grade

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