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Granite Tri Square with High Degree of Accuracy

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Granite Tri Square with High Degree of Accuracy Basic Info

  • Model NO.: a variety of size

  • Material: Marble

  • Range: 0~25mm

  • Precision: 0.001mm

  • Accuracy: A

  • Certification: GB, SGS, ISO, CSA

  • Function: Mechanical Components

  • Standard: SGS/ISO

  • Shore Hardness: > 70HS-80HS

  • Tensile Strength: 211kg/Cm2

  • Linear Expansion Coefficient: 4.61′10--6

  • Transport Package: Wooden Box

  • Origin: Jinan

  • Type: Square Guage

  • Measurement Object: Squareness

  • Resolution: 0.001mm

  • Measure Method: Manual

  • Precision Measuring Device: Precision Measuring Device

  • Customized: Customized

  • Color: Black

  • Magetism: No

  • Specific Gravity: 3.03 g/cm3

  • Elastic Modulus: 30-50gpa

  • Specification: granite

  • HS Code: 680223000

Granite Tri Square with High Degree of Accuracy Product Description

High Precision Granite Measuring Instruments
FORTUNE is the leading manufacturer of Granite Surface Plates since2004, providing high accuracy and quality products as below :
Granite Tri Square with High Degree of Accuracy Product Speciality:
1. Made of high quality Jinan Black Granite.
2. High precision and high stability.
3. No rust and anticorrosion.
4. Non magnetization.
5. Good abrasion resistance.
Granite Tri Square with High Degree of Accuracy Physical Property of Jinan Black Granite:
Specific Gravity:       3.03 g/cm3
Shore Hardness:         > 70Hs-80Hs
Tensile strength:         211Kg/cm2
Compressive Strength:         245-254Mpa
Linear Expansion Coefficient: 4.61′10--6/°C
Elastic Modulus:                 30-50Gpa
Water Absorptivity:           ≤0.13%
Granite Tri Square with High Degree of Accuracy Product Application:
Mainly used to produce and inspection of precision instrument, precision tool, mechanical component in modern industry and scientific research institutes.
We are able to manufacture the Granite Surface Plate with the good and stable flatness according to standard of DIN/JIS/GB. and Provided with Supporting Stand.
Granite Tri Square with High Degree of Accuracy Specification:

SpecificationPrecision Grade (μm)Packing VOL
Gross weight (kgs) 
Grade 000Grade 00Grade 0Grade 1 

We can provide our customers with a great variety of granite precision components according to customers' requests, such us granite working base, granite benches, granite inspection plate, granite parallel, granite square rulers, granite guideway, granite block,?Granite measuring device, precision granite countertops, granite flation products, precision granite parallel, granite pillars, granite column, precision granite surface plate, precision granite mechanical components , granite square?etc, which to be used on CMM, drilling &milling machines for PC Board, with a maximum length up to 7 meters, width 3 meters and height 800 mm.

We also could make custom design according to your requirements and specifications.
Pls contact us for more details and price.
Our products have high quality and low price can satisfy every customer. Gvie me a chance, I will reward you a surprise!!!

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