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Granite Inspection Surface Plate

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Material: Granite 

  • Brand Name: Fortune 

  • Size: 300*200*50-6000*2000*700mm

  • Coefficient of Linear Expansion: 4.61*10-6/0c

  • Trademark: Fortune 

  • Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: 300*200*50-6000*2000*700mm

  • Grade: 000, 00, 0

  • Water Absorptivity: <0.13%

  • Specification: GB/T7975-1999

The main mineral components of granite include pyroxene, plagioclase, a little olivine, biotie and trace magnetite. It is precise in structure with black luster and through hundreds of millions years aging, it is of uniform texture, nice stableness, high intensity and rigidity, and can maintain a high precision under heavy weight. So granite is applicable to the works of industrial production and laboratory measurement.

The precision of the Jingda granite surface plates is in line with the standards of advanced countries.

Tolerance of planeness: Standard


Grade 000 = 1 × ( 1+d/1000 ) μ M

Grade 00 = 2 × ( 1+d/1000 ) μ M

Grade 0 = 4 × ( 1+d/1000 ) μ M

Grade 1 = 8 × ( 1+d/1000 ) μ M

( "d" is the diagonal mm ) (The measuring temperature is normally 20± 2° C )

Physical Properties:

S. G: 2970-3070kgs/m3

Compressive strength: 245-254N/mm2

Elastic modulus: 1.27-1.47N/mm2

Lindar expansion coefficient: 4.61 × 10-6/° C

Water absorptivity: <0.13%

Shore scleroscope hardness: More than Hs70

Our granite measuring devices and granite mechanical components are made of high quality "ji nan qing"granite due to their high precision, long duration, good stability and corrosion resistance, they have been more and more used in product inspection of modern industries and such as high-tech areas, mechanical aerospace scientific researches.

The precision of the JINGDA granite surface plates are in line with the standards of the advanced countries.

In addition to our standard surface plate sizes, we will quote any other sizes requirments you may have. We will also make modifications to your plate, which includes t-slots, inserts, holes, etc.

All the standard sizes are in store and the special sizes can be customeized according to your requirments.

It is used for testing the flatness of workpiece. Special design can be customized.

Granite Inspection Surface Plates have many advantages over the cast iron surface plates:

1. Twice as hard as cast iron.

2. Minimal changes of dimension are due to changes of temperature.

3. Free from wringing, so there is not interruption of work.

4. Free from burrs or protrusions because of the fine grain structure and insignificant stickness, which ensures the high degree of flatness over a long service life and causes no damage to other parts or instruments.

5. Trouble-free operation for use with magnetic materials.

6. Long life and rust-free, resulting in low maintenance costs.

As a manufacturer, we will supply you the most favorable price and top quality service. Your inquiry is highly appreciated.

Granite measuring tools have the following characteristics:

1. High precision reliable stability resistant to guarantee accurancy under normal ambient temperature.

2. No-rust and anticorrosion

3. Wear resistance long service

4. Any working surface cutting and scratching does not bring about rough edges which might influence its measuring precision.

5. Nonmagnetization.

6. Glossy surface without sluggishness when the workpieces or tools are moving on it.

These advantages make granite surface plates inherently stable and unmatchable against any other material. These plates are supplied computerised calibration certificate traceable to national physical laboratory.

We provide fabricated stand with leveling screws on request by our clients. The overall height of surface plates with stand and leveling screw will be 900mm(approx)from floor leveling.

granite surface plate with stand-02.jpg

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