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Granite Platforms Have Become Very Popular In The Marketplace.

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Granite is a volcanic lava in the melting state under considerable pressure to uplift to the surface of the Earth's crust, magma does not gush out of the ground, but in the underground slowly cooled after the formation of the tectonic rock, granite platform is a deep acidic igneous rock, belonging to the igneous rocks. Is igneous, also called acidic crystalline plutonic, is the most widely distributed rock in igneous rocks, its composition is mainly silica, accounting for 65%-75%.

The term granite is the meaning of the grain, which is often understood in Latin as chloroplasts, because it is constructed of small-grained granite which is the hardest stone. Because of its hard steel, anti-corrosion and specular reflective effect, charming colors, high-quality materials, granite slabs, granite tiles have a significant market share, now granite board and tile has been very popular. Because Granite is a plutonic, often can form well-developed, the naked eye can distinguish mineral particles, hence the name. Granite is not easy to weathering, beautiful color, the appearance of color can be maintained for more than a century, because of its high hardness, wear-resistant, in addition to being used as advanced building decoration Engineering, Hall surface, or the first choice of open-air carving materials.

The characteristics of granite also include high bearing capacity, compressive strength and good grinding ductility, granite is very easy to cut, shape, can create a thin plate, etc., in short, granite has a strong durability.

Because of its high density, the stain is difficult to invade. Polished granite slabs, granite tiles are already in a very important position in the world of construction. Granite is also used in outer wall packaging, roofs, floors and a wide variety of flooring applications. The threshold, the cabinet counter surface, the outdoor ground is suitable to use the granite. It is best to use dark granite in the cabinet counter.

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