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Black Granite Surface Plate with T-Slots/ Precision Granite Surface Plate

- Oct 07, 2017 -

Black Granite Surface Plate with T-Slots/ Precision Granite Surface Plate Basic Info

Product Description

  • Surface Finishing: Polished

  • Shape: Square

  • Thickness: 2cm

  • Color: Black

  • Size: 1000 X 1000mm


A.Black Granite Surface Plate with T-Slots/ Precision Granite Surface Plate Description of granite surface

Adopting high quality "Jinan Qing" natrual mateirial of granite, granite surface plate is manufactured by mechanical processing and manual lapping. It dosen't only own the advantages of black gloss, precise construction, even character, nice stability, high strength and hardness, but also no rust, acid&alkali-proof, no magnetization, type stable, nice abrasion resistance and can keep stable at normal tempreture and heavy.

The main mineral ingredients of granite are pyroxene, anorthose, less olivine, black mica and less magnetite. Aging through hundreds of millions years, the granite can still retain even character, stable, high strength and hardness, and can keep high precision at heave duty. It is suitable for industrial production and measuring works at laboratory.

Proportion, 2970-3070kg/m3

Compression strength, 245-254kg/mm2

Flexible grinding capacity, 1.27-1.47N/mm2

Coefficient of linear expansion, 4.6× 1-6° C

Water absorption 0.13%

Shore hardness HS, more than 70.

Precision has 000.00, 0, 1 grade. It is the ideal tool for drawing line and inspection at precision processing company.

B. Plate, features of granite surface

Adopted natural material, granite surface plate is a kind of survey tool with precision basic standard, is a ideal basic standard surface for appliances and instruments, as its unique features, make the cast surface plate pale into insignificance. Granite is a kind of stone that taken from the high quality rock layer underground, and passes through hundreds of millions years nature aging. The form of the granite is very stable, no need to worry the deformation because of the conventional temperature. After rigorous physical tests and selection of granite materials, it has the character of crystal fine, hard texture, compressive strength of 2290-3750 kg / sq cm, hardness of Ta Mok's hardness of 6-7. It's extremely wear-resistant, acid, alkali, have high corrosion resistance, never rust. The granite is non-metallic material, so it has no magnetic response, no plastic deformation. The hardness is of 2-3 times higher than cast iron (equivalent to HRC> 51), thanks to the deformation and destruction of accuracy. It maintaining good accuracy. Even rock tools in use by heavy bump, just a few grains ballast out only, and not as metal tools, the superior quality cast iron and steel making precise benchmark components to obtain high and stable accuracy. Our plant the production of 1000? 630mm of '00 'level marble platform, even set it aside a year later, it can still maintain the original precision of the same.

C. Plate, merit of granite surface plate

Features and benefits of granite surface plate and platform measuring products:

A, Dense granite structure, smooth surface and nice abrasion resistance, low roughness.

B, Natural granite by a long-term aging, the interior stress disappeared, material stable, and will not be deformed.

C, Acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic.

D, No damp rust, using and maintenance are easy. Linear expansion coefficient, little affected by temperature;

E, Working surface is scratched by the collision, only produces pits, does not produce convexity pattern, glitch, no effect on the measurement accuracy.

The main disadvantage of granite surface plate and platform is: Can not stand over impact, knock, high humidity will be deformed, 1% moisture absorption.

D.Black Granite Surface Plate with T-Slots/ Precision Granite Surface Plate Additional remark

Some graphics and description in the instruction menual are just as a instruction, please according to real product.

This instruction manual dosen't effect the product performance, safety and customer usage. If there is a difference between our product, for the promotion of our products, please according to the real product, no other explanation.

Black Granite Surface Plate with T-Slots/ Precision Granite Surface Plate.jpg

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