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Application Of Granite In High Precision Instrument

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Along with the society to the precision machinery development request is more and more high, the application scope is more and more widespread, the granite platform and the component product demand tendency mainly is the flatness and the size processing precision request is more and more high, the variety is more and more, the specification size demand is more and more big, the market demand

Some components of precision machinery and special processing machines require special physical and chemical properties, and granite is an ideal material for making these components.

Granite platform is a kind of precise datum measuring tool, the testing of instrumentation, precision tools and mechanical parts is an ideal datum; Granite components are mainly for precision measurement, integrated circuit processing, such as precision machinery or special processing machinery Working table, guideway, Skateboard, column, Crossbeam, base support part. Granite Platform surface requirements of the plane, there are some groove, side and positioning hole processing, and so on; Granite component products In addition to surface flatness requirements, used for guiding, supporting the mutual position between the surface of high precision, some components products also include inlaid metal parts, such as special-shaped processing.

According to the structure characteristics, processing characteristics and market demand characteristics of granite platform and component products, through function analysis, the company adopts a kind of processing equipment which integrates granite platform and component product coarse, fine and hole, groove processing in one. The equipment uses the process concentration method, the product five faces milling mill, grinding and throwing, slotting, drilling and other processes are concentrated in one device, the integration process is realized, the inconvenience and error caused by repeated clamping of workpieces are avoided, the machining accuracy of workpiece is improved, and the reliability of the Granite platform and component products is ensured.

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