High Precision Granite Surface Plate

1. The Description: A high precision granite surface platform (Granite Flat Panel) was a long-term natural aging, organizational structure, uniform, linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, internal stress disappear, not deformed. granite surface plates are available in three grades. The...

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1. The Description:


A high precision granite surface platform (Granite Flat Panel) was a long-term natural aging, organizational structure, uniform, linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, internal stress disappear, not deformed.

granite surface plates are available in three grades. The repeat reading tolerances for each grade are as follows:


Grade AA Laboratory - 25 millionths



Grade A Inspection - 50 millionths



Grade B Toolroom - 100 millionths


All plates have a thickness capable of supporting a total normal load equal to 100 pounds for each square foot of surface plate area loaded in the center of the plate without deflecting the plate along a diagonal more than one-half the flatness tolerance (per Federal Specification GGG-P-463c or DIN 876 STANDARD or GB...).


We can manufacture granite surface plate with maximum size 10000*5000*800mm!!!

Part #

By # of ledges
Size (Inches)Thickness (Inches)GradeNone24OverallApprox.
8x123AAGAA-0812-0GAA-0812-2GAA-0812-40.00004550 lbs
8x122AGA-0812-0GA-0812-2GA-0812-40.000940 lbs
8x122BGB-0812-0GB-0812-2GB-0812-40.0001840 lbs
12x124AAGAA-1212-0GAA-1212-2GAA-1212-40.0000560 lbs
12x124AGA-1212-0GA-1212-2GA-1212-40.000160 lbs
12x123BGB-1212-0GB-1212-2GB-1212-40.000250 lbs
12x184AAGAA-1218-0GAA-1218-2GAA-1218-40.0000590 lbs
12x184AGA-1218-0GA-1218-2GA-1218-40.000190 lbs
12x183BGB-1218-0GB-1218-2GB-1218-40.000270 lbs
18x184AAGAA-1818-0GAA-1818-2GAA-1818-40.00006135 lbs
18x184AGA-1818-0GA-1818-2GA-1818-40.00012135 lbs
18x183BGB-1818-0GB-1818-2GB-1818-40.00024100 lbs
18x244AAGAA-1824-0GAA-1824-2GAA-1824-40.000065175 lbs
18x244AGA-1824-0GA-1824-2GA-1824-40.00013175 lbs
18x243BGB-1824-0GB-1824-2GB-1824-40.00026130 lbs
24x246AAGAA-2424-0GAA-2424-2GAA-2424-40.00007275 lbs
24x244AGA-2424-0GA-2424-2GA-2424-40.00014230 lbs
24x244BGB-2424-0GB-2424-2GB-2424-40.00028230 lbs
24x366AAGAA-2436-0GAA-2436-2GAA-2436-40.000085520 lbs
24x366AGA-2436-0GA-2436-2GA-2436-40.00017520 lbs
24x364BGB-2436-0GB-2436-2GB-2436-40.00034340 lbs
24x488AAGAA-2448-0GAA-2448-2GAA-2448-40.00015925 lbs
24x486AGA-2448-0GA-2448-2GA-2448-40.0003690 lbs
24x486BGB-2448-0GB-2448-2GB-2448-40.0006690 lbs
30x366AAGAA-3036-0GAA-3036-2GAA-3036-40.0001675 lbs
30x366AGA-3036-0GA-3036-2GA-3036-40.0002675 lbs
30x366BGB-3036-0GB-3036-2GB-3036-40.0004675 lbs
36x366AAGAA-3636-0GAA-3636-2GAA-3636-40.0001780 lbs
36x366AGA-3636-0GA-3636-2GA-3636-40.0002780 lbs
36x366BGB-3636-0GB-3636-2GB-3636-40.0004780 lbs
36x488AAGAA-3648-0GAA-3648-2GAA-3648-40.000151360 lbs
36x486AGA-3648-0GA-3648-2GA-3648-40.00031100 lbs
36x486BGB-3648-0GB-3648-2GB-3648-40.00061100 lbs
36x6010AAGAA-3660-0GAA-3660-2GAA-3660-40.00022125 lbs
36x608AGA-3660-0GA-3660-2GA-3660-40.00041700 lbs
36x606BGB-3660-0GB-3660-2GB-3660-40.00081275 lbs
36x7212AAGAA-3672-0GAA-3672-2GAA-3672-40.000253060 lbs
36x7210AGA-3672-0GA-3672-2GA-3672-40.00052550 lbs
36x728BGB-3672-0GB-3672-2GB-3672-40.0012040 lbs
48x6010AAGAA-4860-0GAA-4860-2GAA-4860-40.000252850 lbs
48x608AGA-4860-0GA-4860-2GA-4860-40.00052300 lbs
48x606BGB-4860-0GB-4860-2GB-4860-40.0011700 lbs
48x7212AAGAA-4872-0GAA-4872-2GAA-4872-40.00034080 lbs
48x7210AGA-4872-0GA-4872-2GA-4872-40.00063400 lbs
48x728BGB-4872-0GB-4872-2GB-4872-40.00122720 lbs
48x9614AAGAA-4896-0GAA-4896-2GAA-4896-40.00046350 lbs
48x9612AGA-4896-0GA-4896-2GA-4896-40.00085440 lbs
48x9610BGB-4896-0GB-4896-2GB-4896-40.00164540 lbs


Final inspection and calibration of every surface plate is accomplished by use of an Auto-Collimator. A certificate of accuracy, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is furnished with all surface plates.


Charcoal Black granite is standard except for plates larger than 48” x 72” which are Sierra Grey. Pink Granite is available as an option in most sizes.

2. The Delivery time:

We can finish your products within 30 days, if you want get products quickly, please inform me.

3. The way of payments:

T/T, D/P, Paypal...

4. Our service:

(1)We can produce a variety of precision granite mechanical components according to the drawings or samples from our customers.

(2)We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing. 

(3)We offer technical support that is second to none. Our products have high quality and low price can satisfy every customer. Give me a chance, I will reward you a surprise!!!

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