Granite Lathe Bed

For Oversize Parts and Assembling We also build special extra-large granite surface plates to suit specific requirements. All Fortune Precision Machinery special surface plates are made from single, solid slabs of granite quarried in one piece, machined in one piece and finished to your...

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For Oversize Parts and Assembling We also build special extra-large granite surface plates to suit specific requirements. All Fortune Precision Machinery special surface plates are made from single, solid slabs of granite quarried in one piece, machined in one piece and finished to your specified dimensions and tolerances. Special plates are usually requested in two different categories:

The first category is for inspecting oversize parts and assemblies such as diesel engine blocks and crankshafts, vehicle frames, missile components and ground support equipment. Inquiries for granite surface plates to accommodate oversize parts and assemblies should indicate:

1. Type of part to be staged.

2. Distribution of weight and mass.

3. Degree of inspection accuracy required.

4. Work holding requirements.

5. Area of the plant where the plate is to be installed. We need to know the footing requirements, ceiling height and availability of heavy-duty workhandling equipment.

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