• Drilling Machine

    Drilling Machine

    drilling machine Granite machine base for drilling machine wit high precision Made from close-grained Granite having uniform color and texture having hardness between 5.6 to 7 on Moh's scale, sound and free from flaws fissures and...

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  • Drilling Machine Parts

    Drilling Machine Parts

    drilling machine parts Granite machine parts for drilling machine Granite base are used for precision gauging, inspection, layout and marking purposes. They are preferred by Precision Tool Rooms, Engineering Industries and Research...

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  • Milling Machine

    Milling Machine

    milling machine Features and benefits of granite surface plate and platform measuring products: 1. Dense granite structure, smooth surface and nice abrasion resistance, low roughness. 2. Natural granite by a long-term aging, the...

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  • Cnc Cutting Machine

    Cnc Cutting Machine

    cnc cutting machine Adopting high quality Black Jinan granite and Indian Black Granite, granite surface plate is manufactured by mechanical processing and manual polishing. It doesn't only own the advantages of black gloss, precise...

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  • Stone Cnc Machine

    Stone Cnc Machine

    stone cnc machine We can manufacture a variety of granite machine base for cnc machine according to customers' requests. How to install the granite surface plate? The granite surface plate adjustable mounts on every supporting...

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  • Cnc Machine Base

    Cnc Machine Base

    cnc machine base ● What are the advantages of granite surface plates? High accuracy and easy maintenance Uniformity in hardness Easy to clean Wear resistance Anticorrosion Accurate under load conditions Non-magnetic Thermal stability...

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  • Cnc Parts

    Cnc Parts

    cnc parts Our black granite granite measuring devices and granite mechanical components are made of high quality Jinan Black granite. Due to their high precision, long duration, good stability and corrosion resistance, they have been...

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  • Cmm Base Plates

    Cmm Base Plates

    cmm base plates As a manufacturer you know the importance of dimensional and tolerance verification measurement. The granite surface plate of Coordinate Measuring Machine's (CMM) dimensional measurement capabilities include,...

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  • Surface Plate For Cmm

    Surface Plate For Cmm

    surface plate for cmm A surface plate is a solid, flat plate used as the main horizontal reference plane for precision inspection, marking out (layout), and tooling setup. The surface plate is often used as the baseline for all...

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  • Dial Indicator Base

    Dial Indicator Base

    dial indicator base Workshop Black Granite Stand is ideal for shop-floor use! Features: • Sturdy and compact with extreme stability. • 6" x 6" x 2" granite base • Positive lock screw • Fine adjustment knob for zero...

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  • Granite Dial Indicator Stands

    Granite Dial Indicator Stands

    granite dial indicator stands Granite Comparator Stands are basic building-blocks for the assembly of special-purpose, precision measuring equipment. By mounting precision measuring instruments such as Digimatic indicators, Mu-Checker...

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  • Granite Machinist Block

    Granite Machinist Block

    granite machinist block Major Product Characteristics Precision granite blocks are the primary standards vital to dimensional quality control in the manufacture of parts. The four major characteristics that are necessary for a precision...

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