• Precise Black Granite Surface Plates

    Precise Black Granite Surface Plates

    Precise Black Granite Surface Plates The hardness and stability allow accuracies within millionths of an inch. Along with the high accuracies, granite is rust-proof, non-magnetic, abrasive resistant, non wedging, wrap-resistant and...

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  • Black Granite Surface Plate

    Black Granite Surface Plate

    Black Granite surface plate Features Granite measuring devices and granite mechanical components are made of high quality Jinan Blackgranite. Due to their high precision, long duration, good stability and corrosion resistance, they have...

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  • Granite Surface Plate - Grade 00

    Granite Surface Plate - Grade 00

    Granite Surface Plate - Grade 00 The manufacture of state-of-the-art mechanical engineering components from ancient natural stone: what at first glance appears to be a contradiction is – at a second glance - an ideal combination....

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  • Special Granite Square

    Special Granite Square

    Special granite square precision granite master squares are used for checking the X-Y-Z axes on CNC machine tools and CMM's Made of Fine Black, Metrology Grade Granite, 6-Face Master Squares may also be used on any work that...

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  • Special Granite Base

    Special Granite Base

    Special Granite Base NEW DIMENSIONS IN ACCURACY Our commitment to quality is exemplified by both our ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system. We are proud of the complete value added package we can offer you, which includes our customer...

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  • Machinist Granite

    Machinist Granite

    machinist granite plate Product features Grade ’00’ workshop granite plate Good temperature stability Resistant to corrosion Nonmagnetic Distortion free Excellent surface for accurate marking out Description Granite Surface Plates are...

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  • Machinist Granite Table

    Machinist Granite Table

    machinist granite table Granite tables are a must for accurate measurement and provide and flat and stable environment for inspection. They are free from temperature distortion and provide and exceptionally sturdy measuring environment...

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  • Machinist Granite Plate

    Machinist Granite Plate

    Machinist granite plate We can manufacture a variety of special granite surface plate according to customers’ requests. Granite Surface Plates are used to support many different types of test pieces and have the dual purpose of also...

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  • Special Granite Machine Base

    Special Granite Machine Base

    special granite machine base Fortune Machinery precision granite surface plate Since taking notice of the superior characteristics of gabbro and starting production of precision granite surface plates made of natural stone, Fortune...

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  • 5-Face V-Blocks

    5-Face V-Blocks

    5-Face V-Blocks Granite Five-Face V-Blocks, sold as matched pairs, hold and support cylindrical pieces during inspection or manufacturing. They have five finished faces. They have a nominal 90-degree “V”, centered with and parallel to...

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  • Lab Grade Granite Angle Block

    Lab Grade Granite Angle Block

    Angle Plates: Angle plates provide a convenient and practical means of clamping and holding work in a vertical position. Our high-quality black granite angle plates are MADE IN CHINA and provide the strongest, most durable and stable...

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  • Special Granite Surface Plate

    Special Granite Surface Plate

    Special granite surface plate Black Granite Surface Plates are accurate for use in metrology labs and durable enough for the shopfloor. The black color is due to very high crystalline quartz content. Even distribution of large quartz...

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