Granite Measuring Instruments

Jinan Fortune Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is the first and largest company in manufacturing precision granite products, and we have more than 14 years experience in this field...
    • Special Granite Square

      Special Granite Square

      Special granite square precision granite master squares are used for checking the X-Y-Z axes on CNC machine tools and CMM's Made of Fine Black, Metrology Grade Granite, 6-Face Master Squares may also be used on...

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    • 5-Face V-Blocks

      5-Face V-Blocks

      5-Face V-Blocks Granite Five-Face V-Blocks, sold as matched pairs, hold and support cylindrical pieces during inspection or manufacturing. They have five finished faces. They have a nominal 90-degree “V”, centered...

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    • Lab Grade Granite Angle Block

      Lab Grade Granite Angle Block

      Angle Plates: Angle plates provide a convenient and practical means of clamping and holding work in a vertical position. Our high-quality black granite angle plates are MADE IN CHINA and provide the strongest, most...

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    • Machinists Parallels

      Machinists Parallels

      machinists parallels Granite precision parallels are available in Laboratory Grade, Inspection Grade or Toolroom Grade. Our high-quality black granite parallels are MADE IN THE China and provide the strongest, most...

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    • Straight Edges

      Straight Edges

      Straight Edges Standard sizes of straight edges are available from 630 x 100 x50 to 2000 x 250 x 100; all produced from black granite. All Straight Edges come complete with a certificate of accuracy. We could...

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    • Master Squares

      Master Squares

      Master Squares Master Squares are ideal for inspecting X, Y, and Z axes of machine tools. Very stable and rigid, they provide the ultimate in squareness references. These squares have 5 finished faces, with 1 large...

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    • Precision Master Square

      Precision Master Square

      precision master square Granite Squares provide one of the most reliable squareness inspection reference. Work is positioned against the square and sighted for checking squareness of components by comparison method....

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    • Inserted Angle Plate

      Inserted Angle Plate

      1、The Description: Granite Inserted Angle Plate 6x6x6 inch (China Made) Granite precision inserted angle plates are available in Laboratory Grade or Inspection Grade and upon request. This product is the same as our...

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    • Dial Indicator Base

      Dial Indicator Base

      dial indicator base Workshop Black Granite Stand is ideal for shop-floor use! Features: • Sturdy and compact with extreme stability. • 6" x 6" x 2" granite base • Positive lock screw • Fine adjustment...

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    • Granite Dial Indicator Stands

      Granite Dial Indicator Stands

      granite dial indicator stands Granite Comparator Stands are basic building-blocks for the assembly of special-purpose, precision measuring equipment. By mounting precision measuring instruments such as Digimatic...

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    • Granite Machinist Block

      Granite Machinist Block

      granite machinist block Major Product Characteristics Precision granite blocks are the primary standards vital to dimensional quality control in the manufacture of parts. The four major characteristics that are...

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    • Flat Granite Block

      Flat Granite Block

      flat granite block Granite table is made by black granite. Because of it's high precision, stable function, it is used in CMM, Laser cutting and engraving machine, cnc mahines and drilling and milling machines....

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